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Batch #17 BottleTree Blonde is now available to distributors in SC/NC

Red, Blonde 1/2 bbl, 1/6 bbl kegs are available in SC

Batch #4 BottleTree Imperial Red Ale is now available to distributors in SC/NC, and VA     

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(We are Looking for Distributor(s) in Florida, and Georgia)





09/18/2013-- Bourbon & Boots, Five (More) Southern Craft Brews We're Drinking features the BottleTree Tap Handle on their design page. 




02/11/2013--The Examiner Beer of the Week: BottleTree Blonde by Minna Bentancourt.

01/19/2013 the Bottle Report, covering All About Beer in Columbia, SC.

12/03/2012 life IN OUR FOOTHILLS Magazine, BOTTLETREE The science of a great brew (pages 37-41)

09/10/2012 BottleTree Red Ale review by iambeerstrong.

BottleTree Red Ale, selected as People's Choice Award at the 2012 Savannah Craft Brew Fest, 09/01/2012.


12/13/2011--Draft Magazine What’s in a name?: BottleTree Beer Co.


BottleTree Beer Co. is a proud sponsor of the Summer Tracks Music in Rogers Park Amphitheater - Tryon, NC

  'Irish' Imperial Red Ale is available in all BottleTree locations (except TN)

Simplest Bread Recipe with BottleTree 'Belgian' Blonde


Jake-- official spokesdog of BottleTree Beer Co.

BottleTree Imperial Red Ale at the Upstate Beer Festival 4/21/2012

BottleTree Imperial Red Ale





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04/25/2012--Free Times BottleTree Imperial Red Ale

12/13/2011--Draft Magazine What’s in a name?: BottleTree Beer Co.

09/18/2011--AY Magazine September 2011, Create: Tailgating 2011 ... A Meal

09/01/2011--The Huntsville Times Brew Review 23: BottleTree Beer Co. Blonde

07/05/2011--Southern Brew News writes about BT at the Raleigh, NC All About Beer Festival


For all the news releases go to News


Event Photograph from Gastonia Grizzlies Ballpark Beer Fest (May 14, 2011)



Just as good in the snow, as in the heat.



06/30/10    Hub City Review of BottleTree Blonde  


"It's a rare thing when a beer lives up to a two month long build up, but
Bottle Tree Blonde has managed to do just that. This is a great Belgian
blonde... In fact, this is the best regionally-produced summer drinking beer out there in our estimation."
-Hub City Brew Review

04/27/10      commercial test run featured on front page of Spartanburg Herald Journal



First bottles



James Wenzel Graphic Design

The bottle tree, once a common sight in the South, dates back to 9th century
Congo where hanging handblown glass was a talisman against evil. Branches
were stripped of foliage, then covered with colorful glass bottles.
Mesmerized by the colorplay of sunlight, evil spirits were lured and
ensnared, their moans heard whistling on the breeze...


Original Art Concept by Regina

Batch size 60 bbl, ~800 cases

Belgians 55 bbl, ~750 cases (vigorous fermentation)  




Bottling line, for  BottleTree(R) Blonde.





Distributors  ....We are looking for interested distributors for BottleTree Beer near the following drop off locations: 

Tennessee (outside of Chattanooga area), Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine. 

If interested in samples, please send email to  Subject: Distributor (City, State)


We at  BottleTree(R) Beer Company think it is a shame to see traditions being wiped from the Southern landscape and want to do our part to revive folk art and customs. Our goal is to bring quality beers to the Southeast, and help do our part to recognize beer as a quality product worthy of being served in the finest establishments, and enjoyed by everyone.

We are committed to bringing the Southeast, the highest quality world-class beers, using the finest ingredients, a whole lot of imagination, and of course doing our part to help rid the world of evil. We are looking for interested distributors.  Vision Statement


Bottle Trees from Around the States

Here are a few samples of some trees from around the States.



Here is the system from which dreams are made.


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