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Batch #17 BottleTree Blonde is now available to distributors in SC/NC

Red, Blonde 1/2 bbl, 1/6 bbl kegs are available in SC

Batch #4 BottleTree Imperial Red Ale is now available to distributors in SC/NC, and VA     

 Contact Your Local BottleTree Distributor

(We are Looking for Distributor(s) in Florida, and Georgia)


Produces 500th barrel of BottleTree Beer, 3/25/2012


BottleTree Beer Co. just shipped the 500th barrel of beer this week! So, here is some fun with 500 bbls.
15,500 gallons
124,000 pints
165,333 bottles
206,000 pounds of bottles and beer.

100% of product is recyclable (glass, cardboard, paper, plastic).
All spent grain is sold to farmers to feed livestock.

US businesses supported:
Brewery, and staff (SC), distributors and staff (ARK, AL, GA, SC, NC, PA, VA) shipping (all over), trucking (all over), retailers and staff (ARK, AL, GA, SC, NC, PA, VA) , glass, caps, six pack manufacturers and suppliers (FL), case manufacturer and suppler (SC), Labels (OH), Tap Handle designers (WA), Keg silkscreening and nameplating (WI), Keg Suppliers (Ontario---US doesn't make any), T-shirt makers (SC), Sticker manufacturers and artists (SC), Farmers (Grain, Hops--all over), Yeast (OR) and Artists (IL, FL, TN, NC, FL, OR, OH, SC).

This doesn't include any secondary vendors, which would be far too many to list.

Plus all the State and Federal Government agencies that we directly support, through our registration, permits, fees, and taxes.

But w/o all the folks buying BottleTree, none of this would be possible. This is why BottleTree goes out of its way to support small businesses.

First Production Run of BottleTree Imperial 'Irish' Red Ale





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